Corporate Culture


Core values

Haiju Intelligent Equipment is a part of society, and the operation of a company must ultimately shoulder its historical mission for the industry and society, bravely shoulder social responsibility, and become a good corporate citizen.
The never-ending enterprising spirit of Haiju people is our hope. Through our comprehensive design, manufacturing, and service, we ensure that every product fully utilizes its design performance, advanced manufacturing methods, complete testing equipment, high market share, and continuous improvement of user products, which is the foundation of our survival.
Customer First: With the concept of closely following your satisfaction and my wish, we provide customers with services that exceed market value, exceed customer expectations, and achieve comprehensive customer satisfaction.
People oriented: Employees are the most precious resource of a company, respecting knowledge, respecting individuals, encouraging and helping individual development is an organization's commitment to employees.
Honesty first: Honesty is a prerequisite for a company to establish and develop, and keeping promises is the basic principle of our business management.
Harmony is precious: "The use of etiquette, harmony is precious" is the policy of treating people and dealing with things. The company requires all employees to strengthen teamwork and handle relationships with suppliers, customers, employees, and all relevant parties with an attitude of harmony being precious.
Efficiency is the measure: The company requires employees to do the right thing in the right way, and measures the organization's business results based on effectiveness, encouraging employees to take the lead and achieve high performance.
Being restrained is a common practice among senior leaders and all employees in a company. Being practical in doing things and being a down-to-earth person is a profound and introverted approach.



Details determine success or failure, choosing to achieve the future. Ensure greater value for products and create greater profit margins for users with an overall efficient solution



Pragmatic, steady, focused, and innovative. Haiju adheres to the quality concept of high labeling, strict requirements, and zero defects as the standard



Haiju Intelligent Equipment has always adhered to the business philosophy of "customer-centric, creating greater value for customers".