Specialized Machine For Automotive Parts Series

STZ-35, STZ-50 double-head drilling special machine

Using hydraulic system for one-time clamping, double-head simultaneous drilling of workpiece Φ35-Φ50 hole processing requirements.

STG-30, STG-40 automobile fork rough and fine boring double-head grooving CNC machining special machine

Mechatronics design, beautiful and generous shape, reasonable mechanism, high rigidity Taiwan brand spindle for fine boring power head, servo main motor, two-way grooving tool head using Taiwanese high-precision tool head.

MQL-100 Cage Window Specialized Grinding Machine

Processing capacity: the maximum grinding workpiece diameter is $90mm, the maximum grinding workpiece width is 60mm, the numerical control system adopts five-axis system control, and the operation interface customers only need to change the workpiece parameters to meet the processing of different workpieces, which is convenient to operate.
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