A kind of high-precision linear guide special grinding machine production method

Grinding machines dedicated to linear guides usually use grinding wheels to dress and grind workpieces, and the dressing of grinding wheels is done by using molded diamond rollers to dress the grinding wheels, and the positional error of the mounted diamond roller dressing mechanism directly affects the product's dimensional accuracy, form and positional error, and roughness. The existing diamond roller dressing mechanism has two structural ways:
1) diamond roller dressing mechanism is installed on the table, using the table to move to locate the dressing wheel, in order to achieve the positioning accuracy is usually used hydraulic drive mechanical positioning and servo positioning of the screw drive, hydraulic drive mechanical positioning takes a long time, positioning accuracy is poor and other defects; servo positioning of the screw drive machine tool moving speed is slow, fast wear and tear of the screw.
2) diamond roller dressing mechanism is installed on both sides of the double grinding head, in the double grinding head on both sides of the installation of the dresser on the dimensional accuracy is not guaranteed, the grinding wheel outside the dressing inside the grinding on the product position error can not be guaranteed.
Moreover, the existing guideway using linear guideway movement, lateral movement guideway now has two kinds of mobile form:
1) linear guideway moving
Linear guideway moving to solve the friction when moving, improve the feed accuracy, but in the machine tool grinding vibration can not be effectively discharged, grinding is easy to produce resonance, so that the surface of the ground workpiece vibration pattern, affecting the surface accuracy.
2) Rectangular sliding guideway movement
This guideway movement can solve the grinding vibration discharge, but moving friction is very large, the upper guideway lower guideway friction is not the same will make the machine tool feeding up and down out of synchronization, to ensure that the feeding accuracy.


Machine Features

Machine tool adopts closed frame structure, with sufficient rigidity;

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