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H-36AL CNC lathe (inclined) one-piece bed/power head type

Mechatronics design, beautiful and generous shape, reasonable structure.


CNC lathe (oblique) conjoined bed/power head type


Machine tool features

● Mechatronics design, beautiful and generous shape, reasonable structure.
● The spindle adopts precision spindle unit, which has low noise, high speed and long service life.
● It adopts servo spindle drive, and the output torque of low speed is large.
● The longitudinal and horizontal guide rail adopts high-precision linear guide rail, which has high positioning accuracy, good dynamic performance, and fast travel speed up to 25m/min.
● Electric spindle, power head and other drilling and milling functions can be installed in the X/Z axis direction of the machine tool to truly realize the role of turning and milling compounding, avoid the trouble of secondary clamping for users, and improve the efficiency of users.
● Automatic chip removal, loading and unloading manipulator and other devices can be added.

project unit H-36AL
Maximum swivel diameter of the bed mm 360
Maximum swing diameter on the drag plate mm 120
Spindle end form   A2-5
Spindle through-hole mm F52
Spindle speed r/min 3500 (optional 5000)
Z-stroke (with chuck) mm 340
X-direction travel mm 360
chuck   6 inch hydraulic Zhongshi
Rail type   Ball
Screw specifications   Z:3210  X:2510
Spindle motor power Kw 5.5
X/Z axis feed motor power Kw 2/2
X/Z axis feed motor rated torque Nm 7.7/7.7
Z direction maximum fast shift speed m/min 20
X speed toward maximum fast shift m/min 20
Tool holder form   Row knives
Tool size mm 20×20( 25×25)
Repeatable positioning accuracy X/Z axis mm ±0.004
Cooling pump power Kw 0.125
Machine tool dimensions mm x mm x mm 2250×1600×1800
Machine weight medical history 1850

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