Five-axis milling and boring machining center machining characteristics

Five-axis milling and boring machining center process characteristics are determined by the production of the power head, mainly for drilling, tapping, boring, chamfering, milling, grinding and other types of processing to meet the processing needs of most customers. The power head is highly applicable and can be easily adjusted for different sized tools of the same type according to the type of tool used. Power head spindle with high rotary accuracy, good rigidity, no mechanical wear and vibration absorption, etc., suitable for cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metal materials, high machining accuracy can be combined with the stroke of the slide table to control the movement process of the power head, to meet the workpiece of a variety of modeling process characteristics. The guide rail and bed of the hard rail are integrated casting parts, and then the guide rail is processed on that basis, and then processed through quenching, grinding and then processed into the guide rail.

Universal milling head is mainly used in machining centers and gantry milling machines, five-axis milling and boring machining centers of which light can be mounted in the tool magazine and can be converted between the tool magazine and the spindle of the machine tool; medium-sized and heavy-duty with greater rigidity and torque, can be applied to most of the processing needs. Because the milling head expands the use of machine performance, equivalent to adding an axis to the machine, even in some large workpiece is not easy to turn or high precision requirements, so it is more practical than the fourth axis. Selection of CNC sliding table, precision sliding table, modular sliding table, electric sliding table, to determine the demand for manual adjustment or motor control, in turn, to determine the displacement stroke, load size, displacement accuracy, resolution, the desired external dimensions, whether or not quantitative. Is matched with the gantry milling power head accessories, five-axis milling and boring machining center spindle and gear selection of chromium molybdenum alloy steel material, and after a special carburizing heat treatment, sturdy and durable. It can be applied to the boring and milling of the inside of the slot hole, the end face refurbishment as well as the beveled chamfering and the processing work of some complex parts. The addition of a dial can be done to adjust the angle of 360 degrees to choose the milling cutter milling direction.


CNC lathe machining dimensions of the reasons for instability and solution measures

The so-called dimensional accuracy mainly refers to the degree of conformity between the dimensions of the workpiece and the dimensional requirements of the drawings after the completion of machining parts, so, in order to improve the dimensional accuracy of the parts in the operation of CNC machine tools, it is necessary to pay attention to the operating techniques in the operation of CNC machine tools, the dimensional accuracy of the parts of the commonly used methods of controlling the dimensional accuracy of the parts, such as the accurate tool setting, the adjustment of the tool wear compensation and the modification of the dimensional control accuracy in the program. Control accuracy, so that the size of the workpiece produced to be accurate.

About regular inspection and maintenance of CNC lathes

in the CNC lathe reboot before the need for the machine's circuit boards for artificial preheating, you can also choose to use the electric hair dryer to each circuit board heating for a few minutes, as long as a little bit of temperature can be.

What is a small drilling and milling machine

Small drilling and milling machine means drilling and milling are done by machine tools