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XFP-03-299 Accumulator CNC Machining Specialized Machine

Mechatronics design, beautiful and generous, reasonable structure.


Mechatronics design beautiful and generous reasonable structure.


Machine tool features

• Mechatronics design, beautiful and generous, reasonable structure.
• The spindle structure adopts precision spindle unit, reasonable design, high speed, and the spindle adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.
• Rectangular guide rail design of flat bed, good rigidity of the machine tool, high positioning accuracy, good dynamic performance, fast movement up to 10m/min.
• The housing is machined on a fixed tool holder and is machined in the form of nesting, which is fast and three times faster than the traditional machining method.
• High hole finish and roundness in the processing shell.
• The equipment can be connected with the logistics conveyor line, which can realize automatic or semi-automatic processing, reducing the labor of workers. The equipment cooling adopts atomization cooling, which has good cooling effect and high internal cleanliness of the equipment.
• Machine tool overall casting, guide rail ultrasonic fire, drag plate using plastic process, Taiwan precision ball screw transmission, lead screw bearing using NSK brand, guide rail screw automatic lubrication.


project XFP-03-299
Spindle speed 650r/min
Main motor power 15kw
The diameter of the machined workpiece Φ180-299mm (customizable).
Machined workpiece length range 600-2200mm(customizable)
X/Z travel 450/300mm
X/Z speed of fast movement in the slide table 10m/min
X/Z guide rail form Rectangular rails
X/Z guide rail width 60/80mm
X/Z ask rail span 280/540mm
X/Z repeatability accuracy 0.007/0.008mm
Tool holder form Four-station electric tool holder and fixed tool holder
Total machine power 18kw
Machine dimensions (L× W×H) 6150×2450×1900mm
Total machine weight 6500kg


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